CDFA is governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors appointed by the governor and council for five-year terms. The Board of Directors collaborates closely with leadership and staff to guide CDFA’s strategic direction.

By statute, the Board of Directors is composed of four representatives from community development organizations, two from small business, one from organized labor, one from employment and education, two from the private financial community, and the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs or his/her designee.

Cynthia Harrington, Chair
NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs
Representing Department of Business and Economic Affairs, designee

Benjamin Gaetjens-Oleson, Vice Chair
Town of Lancaster
Representing Small Business
John ManningSecretary/Treasurer
Southwest Community Services
Representing Community Development
Michael Claflin 
Sugar Hill
Representing Community Development
Ross Bartlett
Bank of New Hampshire
Representing Financial Institution
Robert Tourigny
NeighborWorks Southern NH
Representing Community Development

Diane Fitzpatrick
Boys & Girls Club of Manchester
Representing Community Development

Mary Ann Kristiansen 
Hannah Grimes Center
Representing Small Business
Peter Rayno
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Representing Financial Institutions

Jared Reynolds
UNH Cooperative Extension
Representing Employment and Training


Meeting minutes for CDFA’s Board of Directors and its designated Committees can be found below.

Questions and requests for additional information regarding our Board may be directed to or 603-226-2170.


February 2023: Board of Directors \ Executive Committee \ Credit CommitteeFinance Committee

March 2023: Board of Directors

April 2023: Board of DirectorsFinance Committee 

May 2023: Board of Directors \ Executive CommitteeFinance Committee \ Credit Committee

June 2023: Board of DirectorsFinance Committee

August 2023: Board of Directors \ Executive Committee \ Finance Committee

September 2023: Board of Directors \ Credit Committee

November 2023: Board of Directors \ Executive Committee \ Finance Committee \ Credit Committee 

December 2023: Board of Directors \ Finance Committee


February 2022: Board of DirectorsFinance Committee

March 2022: Board of Directors

April 2022: Board of Directors

May 2022: Board of Directors

June 2022: Board of Directors

August 2022: Board of Directors

September 2022: Board of Directors

October 2022: Board of Directors

November 2022: Board of DirectorsCredit Committee

December 2022: Board of DirectorsFinance Committee


January 2021: i2i Committee

February 2021: Board of Directors \ Credit Committee

March 2021: Board of Directors \ Finance Committee 

April 2021: Board of Directors \ Finance Committee

May 2021: Board of DirectorsExecutive CommitteeFinance Committee \ i2i Committee

June 2021: Board of DirectorsExecutive Committee \ Finance Committee

August 2021: Board of Directors \ Executive Committee \ Finance Committee

September 2021: Board of Directors 

October 2021: Board of Directors 

November 2021: Board of Directors

December 2021: Board of Directors \ Finance Committee


January 2020: Executive Committee \ Finance Committee

February 2020: Board of Directors \ i2i Committee

March 2020: Board of Directors (March 10)Board of Directors (March 20)

April 2020: Board of Directors

May 2020: Board of Directors (May 12)Board of Directors (May 26)Finance Committee

June 2020: Board of Directors \ Finance Committee

July 2020 : Executive Committee

August 2020: Board of Directors \ Finance Committee

September 2020: Board of DirectorsExecutive Committee

October 2020: Board of Directors \ i2i Committee

November 2020: Board of Directors \ i2i Committee

December 2020: Board of DirectorsCredit Committee


January 2019: Credit Committee

February 2019: Board of DirectorsExecutive Committee \ Finance Committee \ Credit Committeei2i Committee

March 2019: Board of Directors

April 2019: Finance Committee

May 2019: Board of DirectorsFinance Committee

June 2019: Board of DirectorsExecutive CommitteeExecutive Committee (Nonpublic Session) \ Finance Committee \ Credit Committee

August 2019: Board of Directors \ Executive Committee \ Finance Committee

September 2019: Board of Directors (Annual Meeting)Board of Directors (Nonpublic Session) \ Finance Committee 

October 2019: Board of Directors

November 2019: Board of Directors\ Finance Committee \ Credit Committee

December 2019: Board of Directors