The Community Development Finance Authority has improved New Hampshire’s communities for more than 35 years. Established as an instrumentality of the state by the New Hampshire legislature in 1983, CDFA has a long and unique history of providing technical assistance and creative financing to support community economic development initiatives throughout the Granite State.

CDFA continues to meet the evolving needs of New Hampshire communities by:

  • Improving and expanding our programs to support initiatives within all phases of development;
  • Building partnerships to advance local, regional and statewide goals; and
  • Aligning technical and financial resources to support community-driven impacts.


1983Established by legislation to address the issues of affordable housing and economic opportunity for low and moderate income New Hampshire residents
1999Launched Tax Credit Program, enabling businesses to directly invest in worthy community economic development projects and receive a 75 percent tax credit.
1996Created the New Hampshire Main Street Center, which worked with communities that wished to maintain and revitalize their downtown areas. For more than ten years, the program helped communities strengthen their Main Streets and village centers.
2003Began administration of the annual allocation of federal Community Development Block Grant funds on behalf of the State, coordinating the investment of more than $140 million into New Hampshire communities. These critical resources have made a significant impact on economic development, housing and community-based projects in dozens of municipalities. From 2014 to 2018 the program assisted 7,606 people, rehabbed or preserved 1,058 housing units, created or retained 390 jobs and supported 1,154 micro businesses.
2009Administered the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program to address the effects of abandoned and foreclosed properties in specific communities. Coordinated the investment of more than $23.5 million in funding and ensured the long-term affordability of XX units.
2010Launched BetterBuildings program in Nashua, Plymouth and Berlin to provide home owners and business owners with easy access to cost-effective energy efficiency improvements. Among its accomplishments, the three-year demonstration project included the completion of over 800 residential energy efficiency projects and the renovation of more than 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space.
2015Established Clean Energy Fund to enable CDFAs partners (nonprofits, businesses and municipalities throughout the Granite State) to deploy renewable and energy efficient technologies and focus more resources, monetary and otherwise, on advancing their mission.
2016Launched L5 Capacity Building Program to provide a one-time infusion of capital at a pivotal point in a nonprofit organizations development.
2017Created the Ideas to Innovation (i2i) program to help spur new ideas, creative thinking and innovation in community and economic development efforts throughout New Hampshire. Also launched an Energy Audit Program under the Clean Energy Fund.
2018Launched the Predevelopment Loan Program to help communities and nonprofit organizations advance local development projects from concept initiation and planning to funding and implementation.
2019Collaborated with state leaders, legislators and partners on an important measure to exempt CDFA from the New Hampshire Administrative Procedures Act and other rulemaking provisions. The exemption, signed into law by the Governor in late July 2019, has enabled CDFA to reduce the regulatory burden on communities seeking access to resources.