Katherine Easterly Martey
Executive Director
Office: 603-717-9118
Katy Easterly Martey is the Executive Director at Community Development Finance Authority, where she provides leadership and strategic direction across CDFA’s programs. CDFA works with partners to advance new ideas and innovation in community development, economic development, and clean energy throughout New Hampshire. Katy fosters effective communication with the Board of Directors, community leaders, legislators, and other stakeholders to achieve strategic and annual goals adopted by the Board.

Melissa Latham
Director of Communications and Policy
Office: 603-717-9107

Melissa leads CDFA’s communications initiatives, helping to guide the strategic direction of the organization’s efforts to increase public awareness of its mission and programs.

Maureen Quinn
Board and Tax Credit Manager
Office: 603-717-9124

Maureen serves as liaison to CDFA’s Board of Directors and its Committees by overseeing all aspects of meeting preparation and documentation, including maintenance of corporate records and policies. As Tax Credit Manager, Maureen manages the tax credit projects from application through award and implementation. She also manages donor relationships, and works closely with businesses interested in supporting CDFA’s tax credit program.


Felicity Winters
Executive and Marketing Assistant
Office: 603-226-2170

As the Executive Assistant, Felicity provides general administrative support to the Executive Director (ED), including scheduling, communication and document preparation and distribution. As the Marketing Assistant, Felicity provides support to the Director of Communications and Policy, including identifying and maximizing appropriate media strategies, and to increase public awareness of CDFA’s mission and programs.


George Hunton
Director – Tax Credit Program
Office: 603-717-9116

George leads CDFA’s Tax Credit Programs, serving as an expert resource in project development and implementation for nonprofit organizations and municipalities. He also works closely with business donors as they engage with nonprofits through the Tax Credit Program.

Molly Donovan
Director of Economic Development
Office: 603-717-9111

Molly leads CDFA’s economic development efforts and works with partner agencies to maximize and leverage economic development resources to strengthen NH communities and the economy. Molly works to enhance the ecosystem that provides technical assistance, training, and capital for small and micro businesses. She supports the CDFA team and partners on project development, and economic development strategy and planning. 

Scott Maslansky
Director of Clean Energy Finance
Office: 603-717-9123

Scott is CDFA’s energy efficiency and renewable energy expert. He leads the organization in its work to help partners develop, finance, and manage clean energy projects across the state. This position supports other CDFA operations by providing project and/or program management and development assistance as needed.

Mollie Kaylor
Director of Housing and Community Development
Office: 603-717-9112

Mollie leads housing and community development efforts through CDFA’s administration of the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. She works closely with municipal and nonprofit partners to maximize the impact of New Hampshire’s annual allocation of these resources and find creative solutions to community development challenges.

Chris Monroe
Senior Project Manager
Office: 603-717-9119

Chris prepares and presents written and oral analysis and recommendation for decision-making boards or committees. He analyzes applications for funding, manages contracts for approved projects, which includes ensuring that required documents are collected and reviewed timely and meet standards. Chris also supports the CDFA Clean Energy Program along with providing technical assistance on CDBG compliance and implementation.

Kirsten Barton
Housing Specialist
Office: 603-226-2170

Kirsten serves as the primary relationship manager for the consultants implementing the Council on Housing Stability (CHS) project work and the applicants interested in the Recovery Housing Program (RHP). She has contractual oversight of CHS contracts and administration of the RHP.

Rebecca Boisvert
Director of Community Development
Office: 603-226-2170

Rebecca oversees the Community Center Investment Program (CCIP) and their primary responsibilities include developing and implementing the CCIP. The Director works with partner agencies to maximize and leverage program resources, using creative and innovative approaches to address program development. Rebecca regularly provides technical assistance to grantees in the areas of finance, strategy, and planning to help projects succeed.

Priscilla Baez
Contract Manager – Community Centers
Office: 603-717-9128

Priscilla works as part of the Community Facilities team. She is responsible for the development, management, and processing of external award contracts. Priscilla is responsible for creating and managing contracts for a portfolio of community center grantees, while providing general contracting expertise to the organization.


Ian Hart
Chief Financial Officer
Office: 603-717-9125

Ian directs CDFA’s accounting, budget, finances, databases, and contracts, ensuring compliance and fiscal health. In addition, he oversees CDFA’s systems, infrastructure, facilities, and human resources in support of CDFA’s program efforts.

Kimberly Pacocha
Senior Accountant
Office: 603-717-9113

Kim assists in the management of CDFA’s fiduciary responsibilities. She maintains and balances CDFA’s accounts to help ensure efficient and effective delivery of resources to partners. The Staff Accountant assists the CFO in administering the accounting and administrative functions of CDFA and its subsidiaries.

Melanie Steenbeke
Contract Manager
Office: 603-717-9106

Melanie manages contracts, loan documents, reporting and other legal records across CDFA programs. She also provides technical assistance to applicants and grantees using the organization’s Grants Management System. Performs threshold reviews for applications and plays a role in internal project set up, closeout and reporting activities.

Kristin Steidel
Accountant I
Office: 603-717-9120

Kristin plays a critical role on our Asset Team as Accountant I. She assists the Accounting Director and CFO in administering the accounting and financial administrative functions of CDFA. The accounting department receives assistance with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports through Kristin.