Maple Manor

Maple Manor is an independent housing complex that provides high-quality housing options for qualifying low-income elderly and disabled persons. All residents of the 42 one-bedroom, single-level apartment complex belong to the low- and middle-income strata. The Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) has invested over $1 million since 2012, and helped the community significantly reduce energy consumption and energy costs.

An energy audit found a number of problem areas that were resulting in significant, inefficient energy use at Maple Manor. The complex had atmospheric hot water heaters in conditioned spaces, inefficient incandescent lighting and electric heat elements that were more than 30 years old. When compared to other residential buildings nationwide, Maple Manor was using 17% more energy than the national average for its number of units.

With financial support from CDFA, Maple Manor has been able to undertake a number of sustainability initiatives. The community has installed an 87 kW solar photovoltaic system across 5 different roofs to produce electricity and help offset the electrical usage mini-split heat pumps in the community. Additional energy efficiency work completed throughout the complex includes LED lighting replacements, air sealing and insulating attic space. CDFA resources were also used to install mini-split electric heat pumps and new hot water heaters.

By leveraging resources from CDFA and its Clean Energy Fund, Maple Manor has successfully deployed renewable and energy efficient technologies and can focus more resources – monetary and otherwise – on advancing its missions and delivering critical services to the community. The community has seen 40 percent energy usage reduction and $27,000 in savings on energy costs. The community is now proudly and fully free of fossil fuels.