NH CDFA Community Economic Development Fund (FY24)

Community Economic Development Capacity Building Program (SFY24)

CDFA introduced its Capacity Building Program in 2016 to invest in organizations at a pivotal moment of growth. The result? Not only stronger, more strategic organizations but new jobs, added childcare openings, expanded workforce housing, and new services and programs to meet growing community needs.

Through the Capacity Building Program, CDFA and its donors strengthen organizations now with smart, strategic investments so they may create innovative, community-led economic development and infrastructure projects in the future.

CDFA seeks your business’s investment in this program to support innovative ideas and organizations throughout the state. Your purchase of tax credits will help organizations to grow at a pivotal moment in their development. The results are stronger community-based nonprofit organizations and an ongoing pipeline of community economic development projects around New Hampshire.


State Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Credits (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024): $375,000