CDFA Launches Partner Experience Survey Project

CDFA is launching a significant project aimed at enhancing our understanding and improving the support we offer to New Hampshire’s communities. In our mission to maximize the impact of community and economic development, as well as clean energy initiatives across New Hampshire, we understand the vital importance of listening, learning, and evolving based on the feedback from our partners and the communities we serve.

We have partnered with Impact Consulting on this initiative to conduct a detailed survey, seeking insights directly from our partners and stakeholders. Your firsthand experiences, the challenges you’ve navigated, and the successes you’ve celebrated in CDFA programs are crucial for informing our approach to maximizing the impact of community development, economic development, and clean energy initiatives across the state.

Your voice matters – take CDFA’s Partner Experience Survey today:  

The Importance of Your Feedback
Our mission centers on fostering projects that drive meaningful, positive change across New Hampshire’s communities. Essential to this mission is our commitment to learning from the feedback of those we collaborate with across our programs and initiatives. The Partner Experience Survey is meticulously crafted to collect your honest feedback on various aspects of our service; from the efficacy of our programs to the accessibility of our resources and the level of support provided. Whether you’ve utilized a CDFA program, applied, or considered our services, your perspective is incredibly valuable to us.

Dedicated to Continuous Enhancement
This survey is a key part of our dedication to continuous improvement. It offers us a vital lens through which to view the alignment of our services with your needs, identifying opportunities to bolster our support. Your contributions will directly influence our ability to ensure our programs and initiatives remain relevant, accessible, and impactful.

We Invite Your Participation
We warmly invite you to take part in the Partner Experience Survey. Rest assured, your input will remain confidential, respected, and utilized solely to refine our strategies and operations. Participating in this survey means you’re actively shaping the future of community development in New Hampshire.

Encouragement to Share
We also urge you to share this survey within your networks. If you know other organizations or individuals who have engaged with CDFA’s programs or could benefit from our support, please pass this information on. The broader the range of feedback we receive, the better equipped we are to tailor our efforts to the diverse needs of New Hampshire’s communities.

Your willingness to share your insights and support this initiative is deeply appreciated. Together, we can build a more resilient, vibrant New Hampshire.

Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration.