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Application Information

2019 Tax Credit Workshop Presentation[PDF][4.71MB]
Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) RSA 162-L[PDF][273.85KB]
How to Register on CDFA's Grants Management System (GMS)[PDF][53.02KB]
Key Dates & Contact Information for Tax Credit Program[PDF][53.95KB]
L5 Capacity Building Application and Program Guide[PDF][181.05KB]
RDC Capacity Program Application and Program Guide[PDF][450.87KB]
Tax Credit Application and Program Guide[PDF][454.77KB]
Tips for Using CDFA's Grant Management System[PDF][53.21KB]

Donor Information

Investment Tax Credit Pledge Agreement See also our online pledge form. [PDF][92.88KB]
NH Tax Credit CalculatorEstimate of Donor's Net Cost of Contributing Through CDFA Tax Credit Program[XLS][483.50KB]
Overview of CDFA Tax Credit Program[PDF][50.10KB]
Tax Credit FAQs[PDF][198.00KB]

Grantee Resources

2019 Tax Credit 101 Workshop Presentation[PDF][1.89MB]
Fundraising Report InstructionsHow to file your month fundraising status report.[PDF][35.75KB]
Investment Tax Credit Pledge Agreement See also our online pledge form. [PDF][92.88KB]
L5 Annual Report InstructionsInstructions for L5 grantees on submitting an annual report. [PDF][76.15KB]
List of Fundraising ConsultantsHere are some independent third-party consultants who may be able to assist your organization sell CDFA tax credits [note: CDFA does not vouch for or endorse any third-party consultants].[link] 
Overview of CDFA Tax Credit Program[PDF][50.10KB]
Successful Fundraising ResultsTips for getting the most out of your tax credit campaign.[PDF][40.95KB]
Tax Credit Annual Report InstructionsHow to complete your annual status reports and file them on GMS.[PDF][76.25KB]
Tax Credit Implementation Guide - June 2019[PDF][295.84KB]


CDIP 2014-01Elimination of Five-Year Reporting Requirements[link] 
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