Taylor Caswell



My career spans 20 years in both the public and private sectors. The sum of the parts has given me a unique vantage point from which to lead missions using innovation, empathy, patience, and implementation.

On the public side, I was appointed by the White House to run HUD's New England region and I served as senior staff in Washington DC for NH Congressman Bill Zeliff. On the private side, I’ve run public, community, and government relations both in New England and in Washington for large companies in the financial and energy sectors. On the entrepreneurial side, I started my own affordable housing consulting firm, a grid-scale solar development company, and a nonprofit advocacy organization called the New Hampshire CleanTech Council.

Civic duty has always been a central theme for me, and I have served on many state and local boards and commissions such as The Nature Conservancy, the Greater Boston Federal Executive Board, the NH Energy & Climate Collaborative, and the Hollis Land Protection Committee.

I live a life that gains from exposure to the balances in the natural world which comes from growing up in the North Country and the White Mountains. I am a (former) competitive road cyclist, mountain biker, high summit/low hill peak bagger, backcountry and frontside alpine skier, and just about anything else that gets me outside.