Katy Easterly Martey



I have over 10 years of experience in community development.  In my tenure as a housing developer I successfully developed over 100 units of housing, and helped create two neighborhood plans that brought more than $4M dollars of investment to the City of Syracuse. 

I have experience accessing funding for the planning process, an ability to pull together numerous funding sources from a diverse number of City, State and Federal sources.  I'm most proud of my ability to facilitate successful planning processes that connect community residents with real estate development projects. 

Prior coming to work with CDFA, I worked in Lowell at the Coalition for a Better Acre, in Syracuse, New York, and at Lawrence CommunityWorks, in Lawrence. Most recently I was the project manager of the Union Crossing Project, a multi-phased real estate development project that created 60 units of housing, 50,000 square feet of commercial space, a new state of the art daycare facility and new neighborhood infrastructure that will link Union Crossing to the downtown and nearby regional transportation center.

I hold a dual honors degree in Policy Studies and Geography from Syracuse University.  I traveled to South Africa to do research on housing policy for the Honors thesis I finished while at SU.