Theresa Upstill



I have been called many different nicknames in my 8 years here at CDFA from - The ‘Voice’ of CDFA, The Gatekeeper, and The Go-To-Girl, but mostly just Theresa! You will find that I am the person who welcomes you as you enter our offices or is answering the phones to get you connected to the staff person you need the most. I maintain the public meeting records of CDFA as well as our organizational planning of events and meetings. I am also the person you will sign-up with for a workshop or training as well as help you get connected to a staff person who best suits your needs. I am the person you will find, can get you to the right person in a pretty quick amount of time. I am also an appointed Notary and Justice of the Peace for New Hampshire.

I have worn many hats in my past that has prepared me for the work I do for CDFA. I have been a retail merchant’s assistant manager, a clerk and receptionist for an industrial and electrical warehouse giant in the south, a paralegal for estate planning attorney’s, an architectural receptionist, and I was once a licensed nursing assistant just before I started working for CDFA. I was also a military spouse for 13 years and planned and/or participated in many fundraising campaigns for the Army and for the Army’s Family Readiness Group (FRG) that supports military families.