Success Stories
Microenterprise programs help entrepreneurs get off the ground
Programs funded by CDBG grants help the job creators of tomorrow get their skills today.

Whenever Carol Murchie thought of opening a restaurant, she dreamt of the menu, the décor, and the daily specials. What she didn’t give much thought to was the bookkeeping, marketing, and financing that went along with it.

When she and her friend, MJ Vein, started the Rumney Rocks Bistro, they got the technical assistance they needed from the microenterprise program at the Enterprise Center of Plymouth.

The center is one of five facilities working with entrepreneurs to get their products and services out of the garage, the pantry, or the home office. They provide training, technical assistance, and counseling for start-ups and small businesses. There are workshops on how to create a business plan, tutorials on e-commerce and marketing, and lessons on balancing the books - all things that tomorrow's job creators need to learn today.

These programs – also run by the Women’s Rural Enterprise Network in Bethlehem, the Hannah Grimes Center in Keene, the NH Small Business Development Centers in Durham and Manchester, and the Regional Economic Development Center in Raymond – are supported by a CDBG economic development grant from CDFA. 

With the tools provided by the Enterprise Center, they opened the bistro this year, creating new jobs along the way. "We were able to create a business plan and get access to financing we wouldn’t have otherwise received."

Now Carol is just as confident tracking payroll and profit and loss statements as she is in planning today’s specials. 

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