Success Stories
White is the New Green
LRCS uses high-tech and low-tech solutions to reduce energy usage and save money

For Lakes Region Community Services, white is the new green.

When the community-based organization that helps those with developmental disabilities relocated to downtown Laconia, they had to make some major improvements to their new facility. A crucial part of the rehabilitation focused on how to the make the 70 year old, energy-guzzling building more efficient.

In addition to CDFA tax credits and a Community Development Block Grant, LRCS was able to finance efficiency improvements through one of CDFA’s Clean Energy Fund programs. CDFA’s investment in the project totaled more than $2.2 million. Efficiency measures included upgraded lighting operated by motion detectors, better insulation, and a high-performance HVAC system to service the building’s 43,000 square feet. They were even able to preserve the building’s historic windows by adding gaskets and air sealing.

One of the building’s most clever features is its RhinoBond roof. Its tiles are colored white, a low-cost, low-tech way of reflecting summer heat and keeping the offices cool.

“Right now, we’re spending only 89 cents a square foot to run the facility. That’s an unheard of number,” says Director of Operations David Emond. “Every dollar we save is a dollar that goes right back into services we can provide.”

The color of money may be green, but the color of saving money might now be white.

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