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NH Businesses Know Why CDFA Tax Credits are Important
Hear why business owners invest in CDFA projects by purchasing tax credits

“When I look around, I think CDFA has done more to revitalize Concord over the years than any other organization.”

Those are some strong (and fl attering) words from Steve Duprey, owner of the Duprey Companies. He points to such CDFA-supported initiatives as the Capitol Center for the Arts, the League of NH Craftsmen, Red River Theatre, the Concord Co-op, the Boys and Girls Club, the Friendly Kitchen, and the Complete Streets Improvement Project.

As a business owner and property developer in Concord, Duprey has made signifi cant contributions to nonprofit organizations and community initiatives that have strengthened his hometown. He’s also been a longtime investor in projects off ering CDFA tax credits.
“I find that the CDFA tax credit allows me to leverage up my contribution. I’m able to give more than I would out-of-pocket.”

Each year, New Hampshire-based businesses invest $5 million in CDFA projects, getting 75% of those investments back as a state tax credit. With additional federal tax savings, most organizations pay only 11 cents on the dollar.

“Encouraging private investment in these eff orts benefi ts the public,” he says. “It’s the New Hampshire way of doing things.” 

To see which CDFA selected projects still have tax credits to sell, click here.

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