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Asphalt Recovery Technologies, Brentwood
Who knew you could recycle asphalt roof shingles? They did!

 Work being done at Asphault Recovery Technologies in BrentwoodsRecycling helps the environment and now will also help the economy of Brentwood, thanks to a new company called Asphalt Recovery Technologies (ART).

ART was created to recycle waste from asphalt roof shingles into a finished product, called NewBoard, which is superior to current fiber board products. The Board, made up of 80% recycled shingles, is used largely for commercial roof applications. They also create asphalt additives from recycled materials for a wide range of products. The business is located on the grounds of Northern Elastometrics, Inc, which manufacturers roofing materials, making it economical to recycle the waste. ART also recycles used roofing from buildings. As the cost of petroleum products continues to increase, recycling asphalt waste promotes responsible use of natural resources.

Bob Zickell, Chief Financial Officer of ART.“There is such a problem getting rid of this…It is being buried in landfills, so it is terrible for the environment. Our process extracts the asphalt out,” says Bob Zickell, Chief Financial Officer of ART.

According to Marie Capello, Executive Director of REDC, “Our goals are to help businesses grow jobs in New Hampshire and to also make our company strong so that we will always be there to serve the business community. The revolving loan fund is our cornerstone.”

The company created 25 new jobs and filled 20 of these positions with low- and moderate-income people. The Town of Brentwood received $500,000 in CDBG Economic Development Funds and subgranted it to the Rockingham Economic Development Corporation (REDC) who in turn loaned it to ART in order for them to help fund the new business. The money will be paid back to REDC and will be deposited into its revolving loan fund, so additional loans can be made within the region.


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