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Housing Futures Fund
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Providing Affordable Housing Statewide

The Housing Futures Fund helps families find affordable housing in New HampshireSome people can only dream about owning their own home. However, with assistance from New Hampshire’s Housing Futures Fund (HFF), more families are achieving their dream. HFF assists local community-based, nonprofit housing organizations by providing grants and technical assistance. In turn, these local housing organizations can provide more help to residents.

HFF focuses on supplying capital, seeking financing, enhancing training opportunities, and advocating for affordable housing. Funding comes from CDFA’s Tax Credit Program, the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, and private groups such as banks and investments firms.

NeighborWorks® Greater Manchester is one local housing organization that receives these funds. This nonprofit has helped thousands of people break the cycle of poverty and improve financial stability through either home ownership or quality affordable rental housing. They believe that when families have stable housing, they build economic self-sufficiency.

The Housing Futures Fund helps families like the Kabari's find quality housing in Manchester.Friday Kabari and his wife, Monday, are a family who has been helped by NeighborWorks®. Immigrants from Nigeria, they took a class on home ownership and are now both homeowners and landlords. “You can’t compare it to renting,” says Friday. “Having your own place is peace of mind.”

Robert Tourigny, Executive Director of NeighborWorks®, also sees the broader impact. “The other side of things is the neighborhood--the community impact. You can see the revitalization of this neighborhood and this block.”

“Without funding through CDFA like Housing Futures, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service we do,” said Tourigny.

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