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We know you can't get enough of CDFA's publications and other resources.  Remember, applications for most CDFA programs are accepted online by clicking here. The trees thanks you.

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CDFA Annual Reports

2011 Annual ReportThe print version of the CDFA annual report for 2011.[PDF][5.71MB]
2012 Annual ReportA for-web version of the CDFA annual report for 2012.[PDF][4.77MB]
2013 CDFA annual reportA for-web version of the CDFA annual report for 2013.[PDF][2.20MB]
2014 CDFA annual reportA for-web version of the CDFA annual report for 2014.[PDF][2.64MB]

CDFA Publications

Assessing Community DevelopmentA report on NH's Community Development Block Grant Program by the NH Center for Public Policy Studies[PDF][944.44KB]
Community Development Week 2013This is a summary of activities from the Community Development Week in New Hampshire.[PDF][2.26MB]
CLF Ventures Implementation RoadmapThis study was cited in an RFP for the Municipal Energy Efficiency Program. [PDF][1.22MB]
BetterBuildings case studiesHighlights eleven residential and commercial projects and their outcomes.[PDF][6.16MB]
Governor's report for FY14This report to the governor is submitted each year in accordance with RSA 162-L.[PDF][980.73KB]
Governor's Report for FY15This report to the governor is submitted each year in accordance with RSA 162-L.[PDF][790.32KB]
Governor's Report for FY16This report to the governor is submitted each year in accordance with RSA 162-L.[PDF][1.08MB]

CDBG Rules & Regulations

Implementation GuideFollow this link CDFA's online Implementation Guide for CDBG projects.[link] 

CDFA Circulars

CDBG 2014-01CDFA Interpretation of "new construction" under CDBG program[link] 
CDBG 2015-02Change of dates for 2015 meetings and deadlines for CDBG applications[link] 
CDBG 2015-01CDBG Procurement Standards[link] 
CDIP 2014-01 Elimination of Five Year Reporting Requirements[link] 


NSP1 Action Plan[PDF][4.78MB]
NSP3 Action Plan[PDF][3.03MB]
NSP3 map of statewide eligibility[PDF][269.27KB]
NSP3 Public Hearing Presentation[PDF][193.91KB]
Programmatic Agreement with NHDHR[PDF][57.41KB]

NSP1 Quarterly Reports

2010 Q1 Report[PDF][169.64KB]
2010 Q2 Report[PDF][120.55KB]
2009 Q4 Report[PDF][123.65KB]
2010 Q3 Report[PDF][200.52KB]
2010 Q4 Report[PDF][97.17KB]
2011 Q1 Report[PDF][220.50KB]
2011 Q2 Report[PDF][95.09KB]
2011 Q3 Report[PDF][112.38KB]
2011 Q4 Report[PDF][95.52KB]
2012 Q1 Report[PDF][205.31KB]
2012 Q2 Report[PDF][191.19KB]
2012 Q3 Report[PDF][405.09KB]
2012 Q4 Report[PDF][816.97KB]
2013 Q1 Report[PDF][622.60KB]
2013 Q2 Report[PDF][218.43KB]
2013 Q3 Report[PDF][220.90KB]
2014 Q4 Report[PDF][652.86KB]
2015 Q1 Report[PDF][301.31KB]
2015 Q2 Reprot[PDF][214.49KB]

NSP3 Quarterly Reports

2011 Q2 Report[PDF][14.23KB]
2011 Q3 Report[PDF][32.71KB]
2011 Q4 Report[PDF][33.07KB]
2012 Q1 Report[PDF][81.39KB]
2012 Q2 Report[PDF][94.48KB]
2012 Q3 Report[PDF][244.51KB]
2012 Q4 Report[PDF][224.36KB]
2013 Q1 Report[PDF][622.61KB]
2013 Q2 Report[PDF][187.38KB]
2013 Q3 Report[PDF][52.35KB]
2013 Q4 Report[PDF][75.92KB]
2014 Q1 Report[PDF][436.33KB]
2014 Q2 Report[PDF][290.61KB]
2014 Q3 Report[PDF][167.77KB]
2014 Q4 Report[PDF][171.81KB]
2015 Q1 Report[PDF][172.82KB]
2015 Q2 Reprot[PDF][171.33KB]
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