Update: Community Development Block Grant Program Administrative Rules Initiative
CDFA administers the State of New Hampshire’s annual federal allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for eligible municipalities. Since July 2003, CDFA has administered the federal program. As a result, the organization also inherited rules related to the CDBG program established by the Office of State Planning.  
In accordance with RSA 162-L:16, IV, CDFA is responsible for adopting rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, to include: 
a)Application process;
b)Criteria and procedures for evaluating applications from eligible municipalities;
c)Procedures for the administration of program activities and funds by grantees; and
d)Procedures for monitoring grantees and hearings.
CDFA’s public outreach, application review and rating process has led the organization to an evaluation of the methods been using under the longstanding Administrative Rules to award and administer funds. The result is the undertaking of the CDBG Administrative Rules Initiative – an important measure towards increasing the effectiveness of New Hampshire’s program while reducing the regulatory burden. 
The CDBG Administrative Rules Initiative will assist the organization in accomplishing the following goals relative to the CDBG program:
  • Increase accessibility to and ease-of-use of CDBG funds;
  • Create flexible structure to better adapt to evolving needs in New Hampshire;
  • Adjust to new funding levels and a technology-driven world; and
  • Continue to integrate CDFA resources to support critical, community-driven projects.

As funding levels for the CDBG program continue to remain uncertain, it’s critical to ensure New Hampshire’s program is well-positioned to make the most impact possible with limited resources. This includes breaking down barriers to using the CDBG program, one of which are lengthy, cumbersome state administrative rules overlaid on already complicated federal regulations.

We welcome your comments on the proposed CDBG administrative rules, which can be found under “CDBG Rules and Regulations” here:
For more information on the CDBG Administrative Rule Change Initiative or to provide comments, please contact Meena Gyawali, Director of Community Development, at or 603-717-9112. 

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