RDC Capacity Fund - MWVEC

Mt Washington Valley

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council
53 Technology Lane, Suite 100
Conway, NH 03818

 For years, the many nonprofit Regional Development Corporations have helped small-to-midsized business obtain the financial resources necessary to thrive and create jobs for low- and moderate-income people in New Hampshire.  Your tax credit purchase will help capitalize revolving loan funds and other economic activities for the ten member organizations of the Alliance of Regional Development Corporations. 

MWVEC continuously finds themselves looking for prototypes, upon which they can model their next steps, only to find that they are breaking new ground. Their next evolution will be the most difficult, as they face the need to provide greater specific benefit to the region through real diversification. This next phase will take more time and will require that MWVEC ensure harmonious development with our natural resources and current retail and recreational environment.


Jac Cuddy

Executive Director


(603) 447-6622