CEF Program

You don’t have to know the difference between a BTU or a PVT to understand saving money on energy will keep your operational costs down. We don’t expect you to be the expert. We’ll help show you some options and find the financing program that best fits your organization’s needs. Our staff of technical and financial experts will make the whole process move seamlessly from concept to commissioning.

Taking advantage of new energy efficiency and renewable energy technology will improve the bottom line of any business, nonprofit, or municipality. These improvements may require a significant up front capital investment, but the benefits can be ongoing. These new products can lower your long term operating costs and will improve your long-term economic sustainability — and that allows you to stay focused on your mission.

But understanding the various programs and financing options out there can be complicated. Under CDFA’s Clean Energy Fund, we offer several financial products to help New Hampshire businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities better control their long term energy costs by improving the energy efficiency of their buildings and/or adding renewable energy technologies when economically appropriate.

And we make it simple to apply for financing with one application for all of our programs.

So how to begin? Once we get to know you we’ll suggest which Clean Energy Fund programs best suit your needs. To learn more about the programs you may be eligible for, start by clicking on which kind of organization you are. Or, contact Scott Maslansky at 603.717.9123.

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