Your nonprofit organization needs to spend as much as it can on its mission...not on its overhead. CDFA can help you put more of your resources into back into providing services by reducing your facility operational costs.

Whether you’re running a community action program out of a small building or operating a large warehouse to store goods and supplies for services to low- and moderate-income residents, there are ways to cut costs on electricity, heating, and cooling. With financing from the Clean Energy Fund you might upgrade your lighting, install better insulation, get a high-efficiency furnace, or invest in renewable energy sources like wood pellets or solar. Every precious dollar you save on energy is a dollar you can put back into the things you do best.

CDFA’s Clean Energy Fund offers a variety of resources to get the job done. We’ll give you technical advice on what measures make sense for your particular situation. Then our staff will guide you to which Clean Energy Fund program (or programs) best suits you.


Wanna read about how the nonprofit Lakes Region Community Services used one of our Clean Energy Fund programs to pay for improvements that really made a difference?  Click here. 

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