Energy Resources

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Clean Energy Fund

CDFA Energy Audit Fund Flyer[PDF][370.67KB]
Pre-application for efficiency projects [PDF][81.94KB]
Pre-application for renewable projects [PDF][80.23KB]
Sample application[PDF][1.82MB]

EEF Application Resources

EEF Contractor Provisions[PDF][405.41KB]
EEF Post-closing checklist[PDF][69.80KB]
EEF Pre-closing checklist[PDF][67.85KB]
Enterprise Energy Fund Overview[link] 

MERF Application Resources

Municipal Energy Reduction Fund Overview[link] 


BetterBuildings Case Studies[link] 
BetterBuildings Project Overview[PDF][52.12KB]

Contractor Resources

ARRA Bulletin Board Requirements[PDF][38.95KB]
Central Contractor Registration[PDF][20.47KB]
Central Contractor Registration tip sheet[PDF][21.22KB]
DUNS & CCR/SAM information[PDF][80.71KB]
Mandatory jobsite posters[PDF][1.02MB]
Material Disposal Plan[PDF][26.98KB]

CDFA Events
The Credit Committee will meet Tuesday
The Community Development Advisory Committee will meet Thursday
The CDFA Board of Directors will meet Tuesday
The Finance Committee will meet Tuesday
The Community Development Advisory Committee will meet Thursday