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Clean Energy Fund

CDFA Energy Audit Fund Flyer[PDF][277.09KB]
Clean Energy Fund Application & Program Guide[PDF][729.92KB]
Credit Authorization Form[PDF][43.54KB]
Personal Financial Statement[PDF][804.37KB]
Required Documents Checklist - For Profit Businesses[PDF][37.67KB]

EEF Application Resources

EEF Contractor Provisions[PDF][405.41KB]
EEF Post-closing checklist[PDF][69.80KB]
EEF Pre-closing checklist[PDF][67.85KB]
Enterprise Energy Fund Overview[link] 

MERF Application Resources

Municipal Energy Reduction Fund Overview[link] 


BetterBuildings Case Studies[link] 
BetterBuildings Project Overview[PDF][52.12KB]

Contractor Resources

ARRA Bulletin Board Requirements[PDF][38.95KB]
Central Contractor Registration[PDF][20.47KB]
Central Contractor Registration tip sheet[PDF][21.22KB]
DUNS & CCR/SAM information[PDF][80.71KB]
Mandatory jobsite posters[PDF][1.02MB]
Material Disposal Plan[PDF][26.98KB]

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