CDBG Housing and Public Facilities Grants

Affordable housing and housing rehabilitation grants provide a municipality with the funds to purchase, rehabilitate, expand, and improve the condition and supply of housing for low and moderate income homeowners and tenants. CDBG funds are often sub-granted to nonprofit affordable housing developers for these purposes.

Public Facilities grants include water and sewer system improvements, transitional and homeless shelters, sidewalks, handicapped access, and neighborhood or community centers that provide public services to low and moderate income people.

The maximum amount awarded to a municipality for housing and public facilities is $500,000 a year (this total is not counted against CDBG awards in other catagories). Applications for housing and public facilities applications are accepted on the last Monday of January and July of each year.

Before applying for funds, interested persons should review the CDBG Program Rules, Rules/Appendices, HS & PF Application and Recent Awards to help you decide the best route to take in preparing your application.

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