How did the CDBG program grow to be the most successful domestic program in US history?

In 1974, Congress passed the Housing and Community Development Act, Public Law 93-383, creating the Community Development Block Grant Program. The CDBG Program was administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development until 1983, when the individual states took control of the Small Cities Program, which is now the CDBG Program.

The NH Office of State Planning administered the program until it was transferred to the Community Development Finance Authority in September 2003. The Community Development Finance Authority receives its money from HUD and controls the distribution of the CDBG funds to non-entitlement municipalities.

The main emphasis of the New Hampshire CDBG program is to benefit low and moderate income households, to prevent slums and blighting conditions, and to aid communities in preventing or eliminating conditions which pose a serious threat to public health and safety. To achieve these goals, funds are granted to community projects that:

  • Create opportunities for low income families to purchase homes;
  • Assist in upgrading housing stock;
  • Preserve municipal infrastructure and neighborhood facilities; and
  • Create and maintain economic stability by creating and retaining jobs
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