General Documentation

Common Documents

Authorization to Submit Claims [PDF][378.35KB]
Close-out Certification and Documentation[PDF][52.00KB]
Code of Ethics[link] 
Financial Management Plan[link] 
HUD Form 2516 - MBE/WBE[XLS][78.50KB]
Payroll form[PDF][305.15KB]
Professional Services Agreement[PDF][2.28MB]
Section 3 Form 60002[PDF][84.48KB]
Subrecepient monitoring checklist[PDF][156.96KB]

Mid-Grant Progress Public Hearing Documents

Notice Posted in Three Places[link] 

Civil Rights/Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Documents

Adopted 504 Plan & Matrix [link] 
Davis Bacon poster[PDF][121.20KB]
Davis Bacon poster (en espanol)[PDF][145.55KB]
Fair Housing Brochure & Poster Certification[link] 
Fair Housing Brochure at Municipality[link] 
Fair Housing Poster at Municipality [link] 
Municipal Composition Form[PDF][369.44KB]

Language Resources

Language Access Plan (LAP) sample[PDF][80.31KB]
Additional materials from HUD in other languages[link] 
Fair Housing Brochure (Arabic)[PDF][426.80KB]
Fair Housing Brochure (Chinese)[PDF][223.97KB]
Fair Housing Brochure (Spanish)[PDF][3.45MB]
Fair Housing Poster (Arabic)[PDF][609.43KB]
Fair Housing Poster (Russian)[PDF][742.90KB]
Fair Housing Poster (Spanish)[PDF][712.95KB]
Fair Housing Poster (Vietnamese)[PDF][661.31KB]
ISpeak card[PDF][317.27KB]

Signage Requirments

Signage requirements for CDFA construction projects [link] 
HUD logo (eps)[link] 
HUD logo (jpg)[link] 
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