CDBG Emergency Grants

Grant funds are available for eligible CDBG projects which result from emergencies and unanticipated events that have a serious and immediate threat to public health and safety and must benefit low to moderate income people. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applicants for emergency grants must demonstrate a benefit to citizens of low-to-moderate income.

The maximum amount awarded to a municipality for an emergency is $350,000 a year for a community whose population is less than 10,000- and $500,000 a year for a community whose population is greater than 10,000 (this total is not counted against CDBG awards in other catagories).

To apply for funds, interested persons should review the CDBG Program Rules, Rules/Appendices, Application and Recent Awards to help you decide the best route to take in preparing your application.

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