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Implementation Guide & Consolidated Plan

CDBG Implementation Guide[link] 
New Hampshire Consolidated Plan[PDF][2.15MB]

Sample Applications

Economic Development SAMPLE application[PDF][315.79KB]
Emergency Grant SAMPLE application[PDF][273.75KB]
House/Public Facilities SAMPLE application[PDF][179.06KB]
Ideas to Innovation SAMPLE Application[PDF][44.86KB]
Microenterprise SAMPLE application[PDF][273.23KB]
Planning Grant SAMPLE application[PDF][79.37KB]

Application Resources

2017 CDBG Housing & Public Facilities Minimum Underwriting Standards Summary Fillable PDF Form[PDF][181.86KB]
2017 Housing and Public Facilities Minimum Underwriting Worksheets[XLSX][27.93KB]
2017 Ideas to Innovation Program Overview[PDF][57.87KB]
Anti Pirating Policy and Acknowledgment [PDF][231.89KB]
Attachment A - Personal Financial Statement[DOC][158.50KB]
Attachment B - Credit Indicator Checklist[PDF][373.60KB]
CDBG Application Workshop Presentation[PDF][5.58MB]
CDBG Economic Development Minimum Underwriting Standards[PDF][245.47KB]
CDBG Eligible Activities[PDF][11.20KB]
CDBG Housing & Public Facilities Application Workshop Presentation[PDF][179.06KB]
EDE Underwriting Summary[PDF][373.42KB]
Federal and State Statutory Requirements[PDF][179.58KB]
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms[link] 
Grants Management System Tips[PDF][35.21KB]
HUD 2880 Disclosure Form 2[PDF][204.81KB]
HUD Matrix Code Definitions[PDF][227.34KB]
Inspection Checklist Housing Choice Voucher Prog[PDF][514.80KB]
Municipal Cert. Form 1[PDF][103.82KB]
Planning Grant National Objective Determination[PDF][21.46KB]
Sample Exhibit A - Hearing Notice[PDF][14.32KB]
Sample Exhibit B - Posting Notice[PDF][14.80KB]
Sample Exhibit C - Hearing Minutes[PDF][21.88KB]
Sample Exhibit D - Residential Antidisplacement & Relocation Plan (RARA)[PDF][17.11KB]
Sample Exhibit E - Housing and Community Development Plan[PDF][21.39KB]
Socio Economic Variables[PDF][41.76KB]
What Every Good Housing & Public Facility Application should have [PDF][18.22KB]

Rules and Regulations

CDBG Rules[PDF][4.15MB]
Eligible CDBG Activities for States[PDF][95.51KB]
Fair Market Rents for 2014[PDF][7.16KB]
HUD Income Limits[PDF][18.99KB]
Municipalities' Authority for CDBG Programs[PDF][10.31KB]
OMB Circular A-87[PDF][199.45KB]
Regulations for State CDBG Programs [PDF][212.78KB]

Housing/Public Facilities Income Surveys

Belknap County[PDF][15.87KB]
Boston/Cambridge/Quincy MA[PDF][15.79KB]
Carroll County[PDF][15.77KB]
Cheshire County[PDF][15.66KB]
Coos County[PDF][15.83KB]
Grafton County[PDF][15.68KB]
Hillsborough County[PDF][15.74KB]
Lawrence MA-NH[PDF][15.77KB]
Merrimack County[PDF][15.60KB]
Sullivan County[PDF][15.66KB]
West Rockingham County[PDF][15.72KB]

Economic Development Income Surveys

Belknap County[PDF][16.54KB]
Boston/Cambridge/Quincy MA[PDF][16.73KB]
Carroll County[PDF][16.56KB]
Cheshire County[PDF][16.60KB]
Coos County[PDF][16.50KB]
Grafton County[PDF][16.54KB]
Hillsborough County[PDF][16.58KB]
Lawrence MA-NH[PDF][16.56KB]
Merrimack County[PDF][16.55KB]
Sullivan County[PDF][16.51KB]
West Rockingham County[PDF][16.67KB]


CDBG 2014-01: CDFA Interpretation of "new construction" under CDBG program[link] 
CDBG 2015-01: Procurement Standards[link] 
CDBG 2015-02 Dates for meetings and deadlines[link] 
CDBG 2019-01: Use of CDBG and LIHTC Funding in Eligible Housing Projects[PDF][160.95KB]
CDBG Circular 2016-01: Requirements for jobs available to low and moderate income persons[PDF][98.35KB]
CDBG Circular 2016-02: Eligible activities for reimbursement and rates (Microenterprise program)[PDF][45.40KB]
CDBG Circular 2016-03: Environmental Review 24 CFR 58.32 Project Aggregation[PDF][114.10KB]
CDBG Circular 2016-4: Economic Development Business Technical Assistance Grant[PDF][255.08KB]
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